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Sometimes, there’s simply no way to repay what you owe in a reasonable time.

If your debts are particularly high and / or your income is low, you may need to think about declaring yourself bankrupt.

Like an IVA (Individual Voluntary Arrangement), bankruptcy is a form of insolvency: it’s a legal process that will share out your assets fairly among your creditors, protect you from further legal action and upon successful completion (normally after 1 year), write off your outstanding debt allowing you to make a new start.

Pros Vs Cons


  • A quick procedure as in the majority of cases you would be discharged within 12 months
  • Releases you from creditor pressure
  • Debts are written off
  • Benefit Only Income – No payments would be taken from your benefits.


  • You could lose any assets of value if these are sold by the Official Receiver or Trustee appointed over your case. (Household items are excluded)
  • If you have equity in your property, the Trustee appointed will look to realise the equity to repay fees and creditors
  • Your credit file will be affected for 6 years
  • If you have a disposable income available, then An Income payment order / agreement will be enforced for 36 months
  • Your information is placed on the Register of Insolvencies which is a public register
  • Bankruptcy may affect certain employments
  • You can’t obtain credit of more than £500 without disclosing you are bankrupt
  • To petition for your own bankruptcy costs £680, although it can be made in instalments

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