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Debt Management Plan

A Debt Management Plan (DMP) is an agreement between you and your creditors to pay all your unsecured debts.

Debt management plans are usually used when either:

  • You can only afford to pay creditors a small amount each month
  • You have debt problems but will be able to make repayments in a few months
  • You do not qualify for debt relief due to assets you may have

This includes all non-priority debts ie Credit Cards, Loans, Pay day loans etc

A DMP will be based on you disposable income, the payment will continue until your debts have been paid off in full

Pros Vs Cons


  • Flexible plan where you can increase or decrease payments to your creditors dependent upon your circumstances
  • Creditors may reduce your repayments and stop interest and charges, but are not obliged to do so
  • You make one affordable monthly payment to the DMP Company
  • There are certain non-fee charging organisations and charities that provide this service free of charge, you can contact MAS for more information


  • Most commercial providers will charge for this service, (Management fees generally 50% of the first 6 months payments and then a monthly fee on average of £38 per month)
  • To be effective, all creditors need to agree to the plan
  • Creditors can withdraw at any time, and the plan offers no legal protection
  • There is no guarantee that interest and charges will be frozen however it does happen in the majority of cases

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