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Trust Deeds

A trust deed is an agreement with your lenders that could help you if you don’t think you can afford to repay everything you owe.

You agree to repay as much as you can towards your unsecured debts – normally for four years – and at the end of that time, any remaining unsecured debt is written off.
During your trust deed, you’ll also be protected against further action from lenders included in the agreement – so they won’t be able to make you bankrupt or demand higher payments.

Pros Vs Cons


  • One affordable monthly payment made to Insolvency Practitioner over a fixed period of time generally 4 years
  • Creditors consent is required to approve a Trust Deed, as long as 33% of your creditor value do not object you will be Protected
  • Following approval of a Trust Deed, creditors cannot take further action to enforce the debt, and all interest and charges are frozen
  • The costs are deducted from the payments you make each month NOT over and above
  • Any outstanding balances from qualifying unsecured debts, owed at the end of the successful term are written off
  • You cannot be forced to sell your property whilst subject to an Protected Trust Deed
  • Equity is agreed before signing a Trust Deed and will not be changed during the term


  • Approval of an Trust Deed is not guaranteed, creditors may reject
  • There are costs associated with an Trust Deed
  • Your credit file can be affected for 6 years
  • Your information is placed on the Insolvency register which is a public register
  • If the Trust Deed fails you could face Sequestration and any interest that was suspended could be added to your debt
  • Restrictions on expenditure apply
  • Debts not included within the Trust Deed will remain outstanding

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